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We are a professional agent selling the world's most advanced catalysts, adsorbents and additives for the petrochemical sector. We look forward to your letter and call for technical communication and business cooperation

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S ZORB Catalyst

Our company developed SZA series of new catalysts suitable for S Zorb process. SZA series catalyst adopts composite transition metal and its oxides as the active component, and the transition metal oxides and special fillers are combined as the carrier through adhesive to further load the transition metal and form desulfurization catalyst products. Compared with existing industrial catalysts, SZA desulfurization catalyst has stable skeleton structure and is not easy to wear. The content of zinc silicate is low, which reduces the agent consumption of the plant. The active metal dispersed evenly and improved the desulfurization activity.

Mao Catalyst

Metallocene catalyst is a catalytic system composed of ⅳ B group transition metal (such as Ti, Zr, Hf) complexes as the main catalyst, and alkyl aluminoxane (such as MAO) or organoboride (such as B(C6F5)3) as cocatalyst. Metallocene catalysts with high ethylene catalytic activity will be the main product in the future market

LLDPE Initiator Catalyst

Agent for the sale of Nouryon peroxide initiators are a class of compounds containing peroxide groups (-- O -- O --). When heated, the -- O -- O -- bond is broken and split into two corresponding free radicals, which trigger the polymerization of ethylene monomers and are widely used in the production of LLDPE

HDPE Catalyst

New chrome catalyst for HDPE production. The catalyst is prepared from a proprietary silica based carrier, impregnated with chromium compounds and roasted under oxidizing conditions. Chromium is in the form of Cr3+ salt, with a content of less than 10ppm, which is safe and reliable and has a low production cost. The catalyst can be used in gas and slurry HDEP processes instead of titanium catalyst.

Norit Activated Carbon

Agent sales of Dutch NORIT brand activated carbon, NORIT activated carbon in petrochemical EOEG process has good performance, with a history of more than one hundred years NORIT is the world's first activated carbon manufacturers, is the world's largest and most professional activated carbon manufacturers. Widely used in water, beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, seawater treatment and other purification fields.


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